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Suffering in life is not something anybody enjoys or looks forward to. What is the purpose for this in our lives and is it necessary?

Psalm 119:71 “It is good for me that I have been afflicted. That I may learn your ways.” All of us by nature live without a sense of God as our Creator. We make our decisions independent of His will and as a result most of the time cause our own afflictions due to willfully sinning against what He has written in the Bible. In His love He allows not causes in the sense of us being puppets difficulty to enter into our lives. That we may for the first time question if He even exists. When there are difficulties in life most people will look up and ask God, Why Me? This is the beginning of discovery as we humble ourselves and for the first time actually need God’s help. This not only occurs in the unbeliever’s life so that he may meet the Lord through His adversity. But also works in the Christian’s life that he may grow closer in daily dependency upon the Lord. We are called to walk with the Lord, trials make us want to do that so we dwell in safety.

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