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Give Thanks to the Lord

Posted on 19 Nov 2017, Speaker: Pastor Clarke Lauffer
Calvary Chapel, on this day of, November 19th, 2017 embarks on a new journey of the ministry of Jesus Christ. We have now entered into the heart of the City of Greensburg to proclaim the goodness of the Lord unto the children of men. To thank God for transforming our lives by the Gospel and to
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Preparing to Move

Posted on 12 Nov 2017, Speaker: Pastor Clarke Lauffer
Calvary Chapel is in the process of moving into a city that has many strongholds the Lord will use us to see by His Power broken down. Entering the city, we can be reminded as Joshua 1:9 declares the Lord is with us! All of us are in the Lord’s Army and He has mobilized us as a Body to
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Unity Through Humility

Posted on 05 Nov 2017, Speaker: Pastor Clarke Lauffer
The powerful force of Believers walking in unity in their local church is what enables the Holy Spirit to magnify Christ. The world is full of chaos and heartache where everybody seems divided. The church, as it is submitted to Jesus as its Head, and as the Body submits to one another in the
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Jesus: Hope for the Hopeless

Posted on 29 Oct 2017, Speaker: Pastor Louis "Rick" Harrell
While serving the Lord, we will encounter those whose lives have become hopeless and will be cast out by family, friends, and community. Jesus Christ is Hope for the Hopeless. Join us, with Pastor Louis “Rick” Harrell, as he starts in Mark 5:1-20… Click on the headphones to
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