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Generosity Of Grace

Posted on 18 Feb 2018, Speaker: Pastor Clarke Lauffer
As we complete our study in the book of Philippians, we reflect on the Generosity of God; of His gracious provision in everyday life. God uses each of us in other’s lives as we sow seeds of ourselves into another’s life. When we have a heart to come alongside of one who has a need, God
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Contentment Through Generosity

Posted on 11 Feb 2018, Speaker: Pastor Clarke Lauffer
Many times we find our lives lacking joy and spiritual purpose. The reason is we become focused on what we don’t have or don’t like and lose the reason why we became saved. As the Philippian church lived out being generous with their gifts both spiritually and financially God gave the church a
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Think on These Things

Posted on 04 Feb 2018, Speaker: Pastor Clarke Lauffer
As Christians, so much of our daily struggles are impacted by what we think upon. Anxiety, Depression, Despondency, Regret, Guilt, Fear and Hopelessness come from thinking of things without Christ’s perspective. In today’s message, we learn from the Apostle Paul how to have the proper outlook
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Heaven: Our Eternal Home

Posted on 28 Jan 2018, Speaker: Pastor Clarke Lauffer
A foreigner is someone who visits a country with no intent on staying there; they are visiting for a while. As Christians, we are foreigners on the earth. As God, who is our creator and Father, has prepared a place in heaven for all His children who have been born again, followers of Christ, a
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