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What is the Church?

Posted on 26 Mar 2017, Speaker: Pastor Clarke Lauffer

The Church is the people of God who have come to believe and follow Jesus. We are called the Body of Christ; the called out ones; the Ecclesia, an assembly. Acts 2:42 teaches us these attributes that convey the reality of the church which is not the building, but its people, fellow Christians that are members of one another and members of Christ. The church is a living organism made up of people – not brick and mortar. We are told God does not dwell in temples made with hands. In the Book of Acts, the book that teaches about the inception of the church, we are told that believers devoted themselves to the study of God’s Word, for fellowship, to break bread/communion and prayers. It is a people that loves God, one another and people who need Jesus. Followers of Jesus who care about what He cared about. Not a place of religion, but an encounter with grace and truth. Where those in crisis find help, where lonely and broken-hearted people find community, where we learn to be the hands, mouth and feet of Jesus to tell others the Good News of Salvation. That we do exactly what Jesus did when He was walking on this earth. And that is taking His Kingdom into the streets of the city saying the Kingdom of God is at hand and inviting people to the banquet He has prepared for all who come to Him for salvation. The receive new life, freedom from guilt, healing for broken hearts, and deliverance to those who have been slaves to the power of sin. The Church the people of God led by Jesus the Head of the Church is the only hope for the human race. We look to Jesus today to follow His plan for this local expression of His Church in the new spaces He takes us to. Thank You Lord for showing us that we are your Church.