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No Man Careth for My Soul

Posted on 26 Nov 2017, Speaker: Pastor Clarke Lauffer

There are times in life that there is no one on the earth that can care or will care for us. These are the times when our spirit grows weak. Times of personal tragedy, the moment of a loved ones death or our own. A time of adversity where there is no hope for change apart from God’s intervention and timing. David described this in verse 4 of Psalm 142… “Look to my right and see, no one is concerned for me, no refuge, no one cares for my life.” Only God ultimately has the capacity to care for you unlike any other person in your life. He will listen to your cry for help, He alone will rescue you. Today, we reflect upon our moments of crisis and look to those God will send our way for us to point others to Christ alone for Rescue and Refuge.

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