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Living for Christ

Posted on 21 Jan 2018, Speaker: Pastor Clarke Lauffer

As Christians, we have the challenge of living for Christ and His priorities or living for what matters most to us. The world system captures our hearts, so we become enamored to live for things in time we regret as we look back upon our lives. The Apostle Paul proclaims the futility of looking backward as it for him was filled with regret in how he once lived before he met Jesus. As Christians, we also look back with heavy hearts in how we once lived. So the answer from today’s teaching is how to look ahead upon what Christ has planned for His followers. How to focus on what will impact others today for His Kingdom and how our contentment can only come from living from an eternal vantage point. The emptiness of soul and restlessness of spirit comes from losing direction of vision. May our eyes be open to what we will one day give to God an account for.

Join us in Phillipians 3:12-3:21, by clicking on the headphones to listen or right-click on the cloud to download to your device…