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The Healer of Broken Hearts

Posted on 01 Oct 2017, Speaker: Pastor Clarke Lauffer

Every human heart will be broken in this life, that is a certainty. Some hearts are literally broken into pieces with no sense of ever being whole again. Because of the fall, the created world is upside down and people are having to deal with lives that many times make no sense. When a soul gets to the point of absolute brokenness, where there is no more fight, anger or bitterness, God then begins the process of binding up the wounds of the broken-hearted, by the power of the cross of Jesus Christ. The power in the Word of God has the ability to transform lives, bring healing, and make life worth living. The Word of God has medicine that can make hearts whole and full of hope that was once hopeless. That’s why Jesus said to take this Gospel everywhere. May Jesus bring healing today to all of our broken hearts so we might be used to help countless others in this world who need help.

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