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Christ in You

Posted on 15 Apr 2018, Speaker: Pastor Clarke Lauffer

To grasp and experience the reality that Christ now lives within us by His Spirit is life transforming. At one time, we were without Christ in this world. At our New Birth, Christ comes to dwell within the life of the believer; we are now living a life that is supernatural because the Life of Christ has been given to us. This life has power that life without Christ doesn’t have. It’s a sanctifying life, a life that experiences holiness, a desire to be like Christ, no longer living for sinful desires. The Mystery that the Apostle Paul delivered was that what was initially intended for Israel has been opened up to the Gentile Nations. Now we receive an inheritance as God’s Church with all the riches of being adopted into the family of God through Christ. Christ is now living and sharing His life with you.

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