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Why do I keep failing in my desire to be more like Christ? Why do I feel so weak and powerless?

1 Samuel 17:46 says, “That all the earth may know that there is a great God in Israel.” If our desire is that Christ may be seen in us, then our motives are pure. We fail because so often our desires are self focused. “Are you in spiritual decline or in living faith? Is your religion only a formula, or is Christ real to you all the time? Are you desolate or are you in fellowship with the Holy Spirit moment by moment? Are you living in disobedience to the Word of God, or are you following the Lamb of God wherever He may lead? Failure can stop, power can be replenished , spiritual heart weakness can end, and Jesus can come with His blessed grace to fill you up again with His strength, if your disobedience ends right now.” This answer is from the writing of Alan Redpath, one of my favorite Bible teachers.

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