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I am a Christian and struggle with the guilt of my sins and failures in not living the way I know I should. The feeling of being condemned is something I deal with daily. Is there an answer to free me from this oppression?

The spiritual attack against the grace of God in our lives is relentless. With regard to misunderstanding the marvelous unconditional acceptance of God in His forgiveness of our sin. We are forgiven because of the merit and finished work of Christ alone on our behalf for both our salvation and sanctification. The truth that there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus as seen in Romans 8:1 is the answer. As a true born again believer Christ took the condemnation for you upon the cross. God has not forgiven us to live with guilt for our failings and daily struggles as He has given unto the believer His unconditional grace. Read Romans chapters 6,7 and 8 and you will begin to see that the power to live an overcoming life comes from the power of the Holy Spirit within you. We are not able in the energy of our fallen nature to live to please God. We will continue this discussion in the weeks to come!

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